4 Ways to Write a Book Report Without Reading the Book

If you have an unwelcome book report and no time to read the book, don't lose your head! Outstandingly, there are at least four dependable ways to create a book report - without ever sitting down to read! Here are the top ways to write book reports without reading - ways that teachers don't want you to know!

  • Use a summary website. There are dozens of websites and resources that offer complete summaries and critiques on major texts. If you're in public school or college, odds are that the book you're writing a report on has been assigned before (the school system hasn't updated its texts in years). Whether through SparkNotes, Wikipedia, book summary sites or other sources, you're bound to find some site - rather easily - that describes the book in depth. These descriptions are far more brief than reading the book itself, and will even let you know key details like the point of view, types of narrative and the author's literary techniques.
  • Stay general, then use a few specific details. Once you've figured out, generally, what the book is about, you can sneakily edge your way around it using general information and terms. After all, your book report isn't about repeating the entire, exact events of the story. You're supposed to summarize the general narrative in order to come to a critical conclusion about the text. Stay general about the book (summary and informative sites can help you do this). Then, when he time is right, find a key detail somewhere in the text and insert it to support your critical analysis. This will make it appear as though you've read the book and remembered salient points, even when you haven't.
  • Use a writing service. This is perhaps the easiest way to get English essay writing help. Luckily, it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Students that don't want to read a book, and don't feel prepared to 'fake' their way through a report, can simply hire a professional to do it for them. Professional writing services have always offered book report writing to desperate students, and with pretty fair prices, it may be your best option.
  • Skim and question. If you're in a large class where the book report was assigned, odds are, your peers are writing similar book reports. Though it may seem dishonest to some, you can actually find success by pooling off of other's work. Question your peers about their book reports ideas. You can even probe them for information regarding the text itself. Once you've gathered a general idea of the book's purpose, events and themes, skim through the text. Just seeing a brief overview of the book, added to what you've learned from friends, will provide an excellent backbone for a report.