How The Readings, Walt Whitman,"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" And Allen Poe,"Mellonta Taunta" Relate To The Us Constitution

Over the passage of time, many authors and poets have been writing to promote awareness among people about the social systems, class divisions, political motives and the governing laws of a specific state. They want to convey a message through their writings which, otherwise, would not be possible.

Two very important pieces of literature in the American history are, Walt Whitman's "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and "Mellonta taunta" by Edgar Allen Poe. Both these writers were masters at their profession and knew exactly to use their writing skills in best possible manner. The latter, however, showed great love for drugs, drinking and women, which was not very acceptable in the society during that era. Walt Whitman wrote many amazing pieces of art but, out of all his poems, the one that was most admired was Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. Earlier the poem was named Sun Down poem but, it changed later. The poem depicts that, the poet was nostalgic and wanted to grasp the moment forever. In the poem, he celebrates New York and Brooklyn which, indeed, is a prediction for the future. Whitman has successfully managed to cover the gap between the reader and the writer and one gets so deeply immersed in the poem while reading, that they cannot simply move away, without completing it. The poem lays emphasis on the idea, that are humans are equal and share the same experiences from birth till death. This main theme of the poem is common with the U.S constitution, where all men are given equal rights to live, eat, work and practice religion freely in the United States. Whitman waited for the day when Americans would break out of slavery and live as free men. The other reading that we are focusing upon is "Mellonta Tauta" by Edgar Allen Poe written in 1848. The story is a narrative from Pundita who is travelling in a balloon named Skylark. The author is moving at a slow speed, reflecting upon the past and is trying to make sense out of his philosophies. It is a story about belief, culture, language and the logic that makes us think about certain decisions in life. The story shows an era, where the American civilization is in a mess and needs to be fixed and governed.

The reading, Walt Whitman,"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" And Allen Poe,"Mellonta Taunta" relate to the U.S constitution in many ways.