Step By Step

  • The steps that follow, inculcate the general order of putting together a Power Point Presentation.
  • To create the Title Page, type the title into the dialogue box along with the subtitle. The Font has automatically been set large to enhance the Title Page.

If you are converting something you have previously written, to power point that would be acceptable. If your Power Point is original, this is acceptable, also.

You can make notes in a small panel at the bottom of the page that will help you give the presentation when you are ready. There will be a column of panels on the left of the Power Point slides you have made. You can add to them by right clicking on this column.

Start at Start

  • Locate the Start Button at the bottom left hand of the computer. Open the Start Menu by pushing the Start Button. Open the Power Point Presentation. Click on the empty Power Point pane that opens. Or, if you would like to create a designed presentation, click on one of the design templates
  • Templates At this time it might be helpful to apply a design template. It could be something that is engaging; something that is pleasing to the eye. Slide layouts also may add appeal to the presentation. You can add pictures, charts, graphs, and tables. All of these things add pizzazz to the presentation!
  • The design template may be found in the Slide Design task pane. The template can be added to all slides in the presentation. More templates may be found in Microsoft Office Online.

  • Layouts Slide layouts may be found on the Slide Layout Task plane. There is a menu on that pane which may provide guidance. Pie charts, tables, clip art, and pictures may be clicked to be placed on the presentation from the Dream Gallery. The finished effect reveals a text placeholder on the left and a content placeholder on the right.
  • The Auto fit Options button rearranges text so that it fits on the page. Clip art is another graphic that is available to be placed on the presentation. Click the Insert Clip Art icon in the place folder. Type a key word to search for a picture. Click the picture, then click ok.
  • Layout can be changed at will according to the content you have selected. You have the literal ability to create your Power Point.

  • The Insert Menu can be used to put content onto a slide. The range of creativity that can go into a Power Point is great. There are many options available for text layout, content, and graphic layout. This is your creation!