A Comparison of Petrarchan Sonnets and Shakespearean Sonnets

While Petrarchan sonnets and Shakespearean sonnets are both unique creative writings with significant influences in English literature, many believe Shakespeare was influenced by Petrarch when he created his written pieces of work. Others feel that while Shakespeare was a great writer he had his own inspirations that did not include content from Petrarch. In fact, many people feel it is not possible to compare his work with Petrarchan or any other writer for that matter. But in many cases, you can see distinct difference in their work that make then unique in their own way.

One reason why many feel you cannot compare the works of Shakespeare and Petrarch is due to their personal beliefs and rules they each followed while creating their work. For many people, Shakespeare is seen as a writer in his own league and more than just a contemporary figure. It is possible Shakespeare was familiar with the work of Petrarch and may have even read a few sonnets. But because of the work they both produced it has raised the possibility that one may have been influenced by the other, but it has been difficult to prove this theory.

In one sense, some people are unable to distinguish qualities of written work from a certain culture such as Italian. Some may not be able to understand details that would make it of that nature. The same concept applies to the works of Shakespeare and Petrarch. This brings the possible comparison of certain sonnets written by both literature writers. Certain sonnets written by both seem to be reminiscent of one another even though they were written at different times. They may have used similar meanings be described them beautifully in their own words with unique cultural influences.

At the same time, when trying to translate some of the words and meanings there is a sense of getting lost within the context. But, the context may have evidence of being connected to certain cultural beliefs or differences each writer may have shared or knew about with much knowledge from either side. Because Shakespeare was such a wonderful creator many people refuse to believe he was influenced by Petrarch due to certain concepts and beliefs they had did not seem to flow with others thought of Shakespeare. At the same time there were various times in which his work came across as unintelligible.