Book Review On Your Favorite Story

Think about the title and subject matter of your favorite story and how they match up. Read the forward and introduction and see whether it reflects your thoughts about your favorite story. Try to consider it from different and new angles and logically as well as what directly appeals to you. Reflections on the conception and structure of the story.

  • Consider how the author arranges the time structure of the story.
  • How he treats the development of characters and the hero
  • How the author develops the story thorough the eyes of others.
  • The treatment of humor, tragedy and bathos and irony.

Review the authors writing style and treatment of universal themes.

Include in the review the following points:

  • The title, author, publisher and date of publication and the price of the hard back copy.
  • Make sure the opening sentence is a good one and reflects the nature of the plot and style.
  • Check with the editor what kind of review is required and whether he wants a detailed plot.
  • Say why you think this is the best work of its kind and why to like it.
  • Write about the author and his achievements and life so far.
  • Think about the target audience for the book and how you pitch the review.
  • What is your favorite part of the book and why.
  • Finish with a conclusion and final assessment.

You need to think about why the book attracts you and why you would recommend it to others. Don't reveal the whole plot in the review but stimulate the readers interest so that he or she will buy the book. If there are historical lessons from the book as it is a historical story you can draw inferences about the period the author is writing about. Comment on the author's descriptive powers and how evocative his writing about a scene or locality be it a city or a village is. How the author brings to life the atmosphere and characteristics of places and people which are woven into the story. Explain why you like the authors writing style and if there are mistakes or inaccuracies note them accordingly. Do not ignore negative aspects of the story just for the sake of writing a good review of your favorite story you have to be honest.