Anthony Horowitz Stormbreaker Summary

Alex Rider is the hero and the main character in the novel Stormbreaker. He is caring, nice and an action seeker, who tries to establish the killers of Ian his uncle. In the process, Alex finds himself in the middle of the world of spies. Herod Sayle the chief felon of the story is a torturous, spiteful and wealthy character. He is also the creator and inventor of the Stormbreaker. This paper is a summary of the novel stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz.

The setting of the novel takes place in the present day London, England. The author depicts this by the mention of different settings including M16, Port Tallon and Sayles enterprises. In page 145, the author makes the reader understand that Alex was walking through Port Tallon, after the Fisherman's Arm's Tavern up the cobblestone street, heading towards the library. The time was in the afternoon, but the village was quiet as if asleep, with the boats moving up and down in the harbor as the air smells of dead fish and salt.

The conflict arises when Uncle Ian dies in a car accident, and as the story unfolds, Alex finds out that Ian's death was not an accident but a setup to murder him. Alex figured out that his uncle was a spy and had over the time being training him to be a spy. Alex then sets to hunt down the killers of his uncle and turns out that his main target was Herod Sayle. In the process, Alex got kidnapped by Herod Sayle.

While under the hands of Sayle, Alex activated a smoke bomb in a cargo plane that caused Mr. Grin the pilot to lose control and crashes the plane, and in his parachute, Alex crashed through Museum roof where he shoots the Stormbreaker computer, the prime minister and Sayle. Mrs. Jones saves Alex life by telling the M16 not to shoot him. Alex later got into a taxi whose driver happened to be Sayle who was not dead as Alex had supposed. Sayle took Alex to a building's top where he intended to shoot him, but instead got shot by Yassen Gregovich who was flying a helicopter.

In conclusion, the theme of the novel is good versus evil. This is built right from the beginning of the story where Ian a good man is killed. It turned out that Ian was a spy, but murdered by a criminal. Alex follows a dead man's trails, and finally realized that the trails might lead to grave. Alex goes after Sayle who turned out to be responsible for his uncle's death. Sayle tells Alex to go back to school and to his life. He suggests that, it would have been fine if they did not meet again since killing is for adults and Alex was still a child. In the end good triumphs over evil, because Sayle ends up dead and Alex survives.