Key Points Of Writing A Book Review For College Students

Writing a book review is a rather popular task among students. This expert article provides you with key elements of creating a strong book review in the proper way.

Book review ideas: stating the author's purpose

Books reviews are very common assignments that students are given. Generally they are used in high school and not so much in college because of the different academic standards. But the book report is still a very import learning process for developing ideas, conveying points, and analyzing material that is read. When you are given a book report assignment, often the hardest part is getting through the reading material and understanding it. It is important to understand what the author is saying because how else are you going to be able to write about it? That is the premise behind this idea that the book report is an important part of academic writing and is seen as a sort of rite of passage for students.

Stating the author's purpose for writing the book in the first place is the key element to many book reports. There is a reason the author spent the time and effort to write the book and put his or her thoughts down on paper. Your job is to try and determine what that motivation was and to present the reason why that particular story was written. Some books teach a moral lesson or show us something about human nature. There are stories that are meant to make us look at our own lives in a more critical manner. Some stories question the traditions and practices of modern society and culture and ask why things have changed the way that they have. And there are some stories that are meant to help us feel good and lift us up and inspire us. Each method and motive will result in a slightly different approach and tone to the book report when you go to write it.

Authors write for a number of reasons and as a writer you too have a reason for writing your book report. Your main motive is to convey the lesson behind the story and to tell your reader why they should consider reading the book and what they can expect to get out of it. When you know what your focus should be and what points you should be looking at in your report you are more likely to be successful in your writing. With some planning, careful note taking while you are reading, some good writing, and plenty of time for drafts and redrafts you can find success with your book report.