Can I Get A Free Sample of A Summary Paper?

Every once and awhile we will get a request for a free sample paper from a student. One of the more commonly requested papers is "Summary Papers" for English class. What these students are basically looking for is a free summary of a book that they were supposed to read and write a paper on, that has been prepared by a professional writer. Although, it may seem that they want the sample to use to model there own paper after, chances are they likely just want it so that they can hand it in and claim it as your own.

There are two big problems that writers have with handing out free samples of there work to students. The first one is the fact that students very often wish to hand the paper in and take credit even though they haven't written it themselves. The second issue is that these same students are not willing to pay for the work that the writer has put in preparing the sample paper for them. This can be extremely frustrating to deal with and is the main reason why it can be very difficult to find quality writing samples to use.

This is why it is so extremely annoying when students ask for free samples from writers. If they really wanted a free sample that they could use to model there paper after why wouldn't they ask there instructor, or Google search for one online? The obvious reason that they request these papers is so that they can plagiarize them and cheat. So, obviously the answer is NO you may not get a sample of a summary paper for free! Why don't you actually go read the book and write your own summary?

In my opinion, the only time it is appropriate to ask for a writer to compose a book summary for you, is if you are willing to pay for it. This is because even academic writers deserve to be paid for their work. After all they will have to take the time to read the assigned literature and then write the summary for you. Well, unless they rewrite a summary of someone else's summary, but that is a whole other issue to be discussed. At least if the work is being paid for the writer can't complain when the student hands the paper in and takes credit.