Book Review Services - Avoid being Cheated

Are you an author hoping to get published? If so you need book review services. These professional companies offer editors and writers who will read your book and write a detailed report about the book. This is used as a promotional means and can greatly improve your shot at becoming a best-selling author!

But, as with all things, the worry of being cheated is always out there and something that we must very well concern ourselves with any time services of this nature are requested. There are a few different ways in which a book review service can cheat you. Let's look at a few of those.

  • Fees: You can only expect to pay a fee to have a person review your work, but those hidden fees are not what you want to pay. What started off as a reasonable amount of money can quickly lead to huge charges.
  • Credit Card Usage: A common scam is to get your credit card number and charge, charge, charge. You authorize a one-time charge, yet your credit card statement shows several charges.
  • Expedited Services: Your book review may take a few weeks, unless you opt for expedited services, which can cost 300 times more! This is a huge amount of money more to spend for simply faster service. Watch out for this common method of cheating.
  • Taking Your Money: Some companies will take your money and run - never to be saw again.

Avoid being Cheated

Those are only a few of the ways that book review services are taking advantage of authors. It is always a must that you are always aware of what is going on and run far away any time something sounds strange to you. If possible you should read reviews of the book review services before any type of relationship begins. Finding out honest opinions from those who know the best will result in less confusion and headache once your relationship begins.

Choose a company with experience and a good reputation, and always understand what you are paying for, the amount and how often it will be deduced from your checking or credit card account.

Good book review services are out there, and when they are found writers can always expect an honest, accurate account of the written material. This review can dig deep and unravel all of the juicy details that entice the customer to read the book. Know the scams, find the right company and succeed!