King Lear: The Three Villains

A play by William Shakespeare, King Lear had a plot that included three brothers. Those brothers were named Goneril, Regan and Edmund. The three brothers are all interesting characters in this play, but which of the brothers was the most interesting of all?

The Most Interesting character

In my opinion it is Edmund who is the most interesting of the three brothers. He is the most interesting because of the three men he was the dark one who lived his life on the edge. He had little regard for the feelings of other people, even those of his brother. He had no claims to his father's property, which was the starting point of the feud of the three brothers. He was greedy, however, and felt that he was entitled to as much of the property as Goneril and Regan. Edmund is determined to get the property from his father and he will get to it at any limits and regardless of the extremes that he must go through.

The Acts of Betrayal and Deceit

Edmund portrays many acts of betrayal against his brothers. But in the end justice always prevails and the good guy play, comes out a winner. In this theatrical performance it is Edmund who learns his lesson the hard way as Edgar gets the justice that he deserves. All three of the brothers are different inside of this play. Edgar was so betrayed by his brother Edmund because he thought he was there to help him. The evil brother did many things to the brothers. This play just goes to show that it is hard to trust people. The actions of others, even when they are your own blood and your own family, are not always what they seem to be or what we would like for them to be.


William Shakespeare is responsible for the creation of many fantastic works of art. King Lear is one of the most popular of these works. In this interesting play the three brothers fright for the love of the father and one of those brothers, Edmund, is determined to win by any means necessary. Edmund is the character that stands out most in my mind because he is such an unethical person. He keeps the play exciting and revealing with emptions boiling over. This is a play that will leave you on the edge of your toes and wanting to step in and help the brothers who were not evil. Edmund certainly takes them on the ride of their life.