How to choose a Book Review Format?

Book reviews are overviews on books, how they meet quality standards for their genres and see how the book reads for the audience it was intended for and even for the audiences it might not be marketed to, but still might apply to. If you are going to write book reviews, the format is an important factor to consider. Depending on the genre, audience and the platform you choose to write the review on. After taking all of these into consideration, choosing or developing a review format can be simple and make your review more effective and clearer for the reader.


The first thing to consider when choosing or developing a book review format is genre. Genre is the category the piece of literature falls under. Depending on what type of literature the book is could determine the format of your review. A poetry anthology reads differently than a novel and novels read differently from non-fiction works. This changes how the book is reviewed. You may format a poetry anthology review differently from a novel as there would be no summary section for a poetry anthology and the focus would be on the uniqueness, meaning and rhythm of the poetry. A non-fiction book also would miss a summary section, but would emphasize how reliable the information was and how effective the book was at teaching a particular subject.


The platforms you use for your reviews also affect the format of the review. A blog review is formatted differently from a magazine review. In a blog or internet review, the format uses bold headlines and is organized and broken up into different sections. A magazine book review would be more formal with less sectioning and headlines. You also must make the choice of what amount of images go into your book reviews as well and format accordingly. Internet reviews and platforms tend to use more visuals to appeal to a wider audience as opposed to a magazine book review which might use fewer images or none at all in favor of information being detailed and more thorough.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to choose a book review format. When deciding on a book format or how to develop one. Genre and platform are two things to take into account when choosing a book format and making sure the review is most efficient in conveying the information and doing the book justice.