Giving your Evaluation While Writing a Book Review

A book review is a critical evaluation of a piece of work from your own perspective while acknowledging the underlying themes and focus of a book. A book review should contain commentary of the book while including a brief summary as well. Your opinion in a book review is a vital part of the review and your voice should be clearly stated in your opinion of the work in question. This is an opportunity to voice any agreements or disagreements you may have with the book, and you may state your ideas concerning quality of the writing or conversely debating the author's point of view as long as your argument is backed up with facts.

Generally, book reviews are brief though lengthier assignments may be assigned depending on the intentions of the piece. Reviews will contain varied tone, subject matter, and style that is largely dependent on the writer. Though there are many variations of book reviews, each one should share a string of common features that should be consistent among each book review.

The Essentials

In every book review, a reader should be exposed to a concise summary of the content that is being evaluated. In is vital to represent the content in an organized way, which a consistent formatting template can supply to writers. Principally, a relevant description of the topic should be written about the overall perspective or purpose of the book. Secondly, there should be a critical assessment of the content in the book review, which examines the content in a deeper manner. The critical assessment should include reactions to the work or include a noteworthy analysis of the content. In addition, effective factors that the writer finds persuasive in a book should be noted in this part of a book review. Lastly, a book review should include the writer's opinion if it is recommended to the audience or not. All of these components should be included in any book review in that order.

For Best Results

For the best results of writing a book review, it is strongly encouraged to continue skimming over the book as you are writing the book review in order to keep your memory fresh and to brush up on any vital information that may be relevant to your review. When writing a book review, keep in mind that a book should not be criticized on a basis that is not fair. This means if a book does not meet your personal expectations it does not necessarily indicative that the author failed to reach their objective surrounding their topic.