How To Create An A+ Book Review In No Time

Everyone who does any form of academic writing wants to get an A+ score. It can be achieved particularly when writing a book review if you follow certain basic steps. This is not rocket science. These are steps which have been recommended and used by millions of students. They work well.

Here are some questions/points which will help you create that top rating book review.

  • How many words do I need to write?
  • When is the deadline?
  • What is required in my book review?
  • Do I have a choice in the book to review?
  • Make notes as you go
  • Start the review using main ideas and subheadings
  • Write as quickly as you can

It's really important that you get the fundamentals right at the very beginning. Even the choice of book you are to review. Do you have a say in which book will be chosen? If so, choose something that you will enjoy reading; don't make the job difficult for yourself. The fundamentals will include such things as how long the review will be and when it needs to be completed by. There is a big difference between a review of 500 words and 3000 words. When you know the deadline you can count the number of days between when you start and when you need to hand in the review. You've got to read the book and then write the review. Draw up a plan or a timetable and allocate a certain amount of time each day or each week to enable you to safely complete the review on time.

What exactly do you have to provide in the book review? Ask your teacher or tutor to be very specific. It's crazy starting to write a review unless you know exactly what you have to provide. When you know exactly what is required you can pinpoint your research and reading activities.

Once you start reading the book, make notes. If you are allowed to mark the book and can do so with a soft lead pencil which can be erased if necessary, put a small mark at the top of each page when you find something which is important. Then in the margin opposite the part of the page where the material is relevant, make another mark. This will quickly enable you to find the relevant pieces.

Once you've done the reading, start writing your review simply by using headings. There will be main headings for main points and subheadings for additional points. Forget about writing the actual review and concentrate on getting all these headings correct.

Once all of that has been done, you can start writing your review. And because you followed all the steps in this article you will find the actual writing will be the quickest part of the review writing.