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When you have a book review project to do, it can be difficult to concentrate. Book reviews are often long and require a lot of attention to detail. Students have a lot of trouble with these, particularly a book review that is for a classic book with hard to understand words and old English. There is also the fact that the books students get to choose from (if they even get a choice) are ones that are not fun to read; they are ones that have won awards for their prose or literary merit, which in a lot of cases students find boring and uninteresting. Book reviews are hard to do also because you might not remember everything that you read. When you read the book for the first time, you were likely thinking about the characters and story, not the hyperbole or metaphors or subtle symbolism throughout the book. There are so many students who have to go through the book a second time to find those things that will be on the test or required in a book review.

Business book reviews are also a pain for students because they are filled with technical jargon and involve taxes, government policies, and other things related to business that students might not know anything about let alone be interested in.

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The most important thing when writing a book review is to have the book opened next to you. That way, you are able to reference any page that you need if you cannot answer a question for the review or if you need a quote from a particular chapter to put into your review. Even though it seems like common sense, a lot of students forget that they are allowed to look directly at the book while writing their review.

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Some of the hardest reviews to do are science fiction book reviews because of the nature of the genre: science fiction is so different from our real lives that it can be difficult to discern the more subtle elements of fiction writing in such a book. However, our team is experienced with every genre, and we do have some reviewers that specifically do sci fi book reviews, so that you don't have to worry about your assignment.

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