Finding Book Reports Examples on the Web

The easy access to writing on the internet can be a great resource for writers of all levels looking to improve their writing styles, or learn to write new types of material. For those new to writing book reports or looking for inspiration on how to write a report on a book they've had difficulty with, going online can definitely help.

Finding Examples

For books commonly assigned as book report assignments, it may be easy to find examples of actual book reports online simply by way of a general search. However, not all books are commonly assigned. If the book you're reading for a report isn't part of a standard curriculum, you may think you're out of luck. That's not necessarily the case, however. You'll just have to get a bit more creative in what you use as an "example."

Using Other Sources of Inspiration

You can also turn to reviews of the book in question as examples. Of course, book reviews aren't necessarily structured the same as book reports, but they often contain much of the same information. Use formal reviews, published on established blogs, in magazines online, and in digital newspapers, as your primary examples. If there's not enough there, you can also check book selling websites for informal reviews of the book by customers. Keep in mind that your instructor likely expects you to include information which isn't typically allowed in book reviews. For example, book reviewers generally want to avoid "spoilers" which reveal major plot twists and/or the ending of the book, whereas book reports should include these as a matter of course.

Other Options

In addition to book reports and book reviews online you can also look for summaries of the book on educational websites. Once again, these may not be available if the book isn't commonly assigned, but you could be surprised. It's worth searching for. Finally, if there are no other options and you're in desperate need of an example to work from, you can actually hire someone to write an example book report on the book you're reading.

Hiring a Book Report Writer

Contact an academic writing service and inquire as to whether or not they take book report requests. Discuss pricing, and be very clear about all of the topics you want the book report to cover. You should also provide the writer with your original assignment to ensure that the example is of high quality.