What to avoid while writing a Book Report

Writing a book report comes with a lot of rules and guidelines. While there are a lot of suggestions and tips to writing a successful report and things that a writer should do, there are also suggestions and tips of things for a writer to avoid. Some are more urgent than others to remember to avoid and making sure to avoid bad habits can help create a successful report that will impress a professor with a clean and polished finished product. The finished product will make you seem more knowledgeable and credible.

Avoid plagiarism

The first and most important habit to avoid when writing a research report is plagiarism. While writing can be a daunting task, plagiarism is to be avoided. It can be a temptation to copy an old report of a previous classmate or to buy a report online, the action of plagiarism is illegal and immoral. Plagiarism is considered theft in schools and can result in expulsion or at the minimum, failure.

Avoid being vague

Avoid topics that are vague or near common knowledge. Instead of general book report with a simple summary of the book and nothing more, think of something you can discuss about the book. Analyze the book and apply that to the report. Explain what you feel the meaning of the piece of literature is and how you came to that conclusion. This makes your report seem more unique and insightful.

Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

Try and edit and polish your report to your best ability. Avoid major grammar or spelling mistakes as a book report falls into the field of literature. Avoiding these mistakes makes you seem more knowledgeable and more concerned about the outcome of your project. It shows your teacher you are taking your work seriously.

In Conclusion

Writing a book report can be difficult. There are many rules and guidelines to follow including what habits to avoid. Being vague can make writing a limited page report difficult and less concerned with what you are trying to contribute to the field. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes to make your report seem more polished and credible and knowledgeable and most of all avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism, unlike the other habits will cause you to suffer consequences and can possibly result in failure or expulsion. It is best to write your own work and continue to edit and re draft it for the most successful report.