Relevance of Fashion Icons on Mainstream Fashion and the Consumer

Fashion has become indispensable in the modern world, as individual either consciously or unconsciously find themselves developing particular taste to a specific way of dressing and appearance. This is heavily influenced by what we see others wear or use in the society. Those who set the fashion trends are regarded as fashion icons, because people are keen to observe what they wear, their appearances in public and imitate their styles. They have influence on various individual fashion choices through their personal fashion choices. These fashion icons play a major role in the modern mainstream fashion as they influence the taste and preference of consumers, deemed to be their fans, hence increase the sale of the products they choose to wear or use. Celebrities have become fashion icons and have massive influence on our individual personal styles and consumer mannerisms.

Consumers recognize these icons authentic styles and admire their tastes. The celebrity fashion icons also have lucrative positions in the society. They could be the best singers, most talented or even hold high political offices. The masses, especially the youths are driven by the desire to stand out from the crowd and be different from their peers by adopting a particular celebrity style. The imitate their hairstyles, the cloth designs, shoes and even designer handbags for the ladies. Those regarded as fashion icons like David Beckham and Kim Kardashian have driven sales to a whole new level. In 2010, the Mail Online reported that the US first lady Michelle Obama had boosted the fashion industry by $3billion by influencing the consumer consumptions of the brands she wore. Their influence is felt globally especially with the presence of social media. Once photos of Michelle have been captured during a state function, the images go almost viral on Facebook, twitter and other sites, making the global audience be able to analyze her fashion style and adopt almost immediately.

In conclusion, it is evident that both consumers and fashion icons have a common need of desiring to look good before the public, wanting to make a lasting impression and eventually create their own brands hence they strive to be up to the latest trending fashions in town. Through this, fashion icons greatly influence high street sales of products in the market hence have a direct impact to consumers' fashion patterns.