Book Review Sites

Any good author will tell you one of the most important aspects of a book's success is good book reviews. While the story itself is certainly important as is the marketing and the author's actual notoriety, all of this means nothing if there aren't good book reviews out there helping the public decide whether or not to buy the book. The internet has only increased a review's value. Book review sites are all over the web these days, answering the markets demand for ever more information about a piece of literature before they spend money on it. These days, book review websites can be one of the biggest factors in deciding an author's success, especially new ones.

Book Review Services

Due to their importance and popularity, many book review companies have turned up offering online book reviews to those who need them. Unfortunately, there are often many problems with these book review services. For one, many provide generic, one-size-fits-all reviews that could really be about any book out there. They don't take the time to read, much less understand, your book. They use templates to simply fill in the information unique to your book and publish the review as factual. Another issue you can face when hiring a substandard book reviewer is their lack of popularity. A book reviewer could give your work glowing reviews, but that is not worth much if no one is ever going to read it. Lastly, even if the book reviewer has a good audience and they actually did read your piece, the review can often be distorted if the writer isn't a fan of your book's genre. Whether its romance, sci-fi or non-fiction, each genre generally has a specific tone and a good reviewer should be able to match it for best results.

One major problem with book reviews online is that anyone can write and publish them. The result is many subpar reviews that encompass the above problems. Fortunately, there's another option.

Superior Online Book Reviews

Our book review service prides itself on being different on all fronts. For one thing, we take the time to not just read your book, but to fully understand it. The same goes for you, the author. Many book reviews, sites included, are content with simply reviewing a book and publishing it. Often, it almost reads like the back of a book.

Another way we separate ourselves from other book review sites is by making sure our reviews match the tone your audience looks for. We will never review a romance novel with the same eyes we would use for a fantasy piece. Readers can tell the difference and the understanding and passion comes through. Our audience trusts our reviews more than other book review sites that simply have the same writer reading anything that comes their way.

Lastly, our book review website is dedicated to writing reviews that get in front of the right people. What use is a great review if no one ever sees it? We will not only write a custom review, but we will customize the marketing that it takes to make sure the right people see it who can potentially spread it to others.

The Importance of a Superior Book Review

These days more than ever, a writer needs good book reviews if they're going to be successful. In fact, book reviews might be more important than a good marketing plan. Our service makes sure you not only get a good, relevant, well written book review, but one that will speak confidently to the audience you want your book in front of. Don't let your book fail because there weren't book reviews out there to help it.