Book report help: formatting your paper

Though higher levels of writing will require more precision in the process, simple book report assignments can follow a simple formula that works well with virtually all similar essays. By laying out the specific steps and sections of a paper, the five section format will help you format your paper and write it well the first time.

Formatting Layout

Using a layout like an outline, you can cut your writing process in half by doing much of the work before you even start writing. Use the layout below to get started:

Introduction: The introduction is what starts your paper. For a book report, consider using an inspiring or interesting quote from the book to grab your reader's attention. You could also use a quote by the writer, or another reviewer, about the book that might spark interest. Determine which you will use based on what will flow well into your overall point. Your introduction will also layout for the reader what your main point is - and why they should keep reading.

Discussion Point 1: The first discussion point is a point that could stand alone, but also works well as backup for your thesis point. Consider the theme you are following when you decide which discussion point should be your first discussed. Also compile important quotes, themes, and character information to include in this section as it relates to the topic being discussed.

Discussion Point 2: The second discussion point is another point that should support your overall argument about the book. You should have specific quotes, themes, and source information about the book (or writer, or time period) to include in this section.

Discussion Point 3: Like the other points, this discussion point should support the overall argument of your paper. Consider what you are trying to say about the book as a whole, and what you are trying to prove with this discussion point, and collect information that will support both.

Conclusion: The conclusion of your book report should restate what your point about the piece is. It should also make that point again using a conclusion attention grabber. Consider another quote or excerpt that will leave your reader thinking about what they read well after they finish reading it. It should also inspire the reader to either read the book, or not, depending on the overall point you are trying to make about the quality and effectiveness of the book as a whole.