Reviewing Your Favorite Book: Providing A Clear Opinion

When you have been tasked with picking a book and writing a review, you will probably do what most students do in this situation - you will pick your favorite book. While this might seem like a great idea at first, because you will be able to read your favorite book again; it can be challenging when it comes time to write the review. Since you already absolutely love the book, you might have difficulty writing an unbiased review of the book.

Do Not Write About How the Book Changed Your Life

Students who love books tend to describe them as amazing, life changing, and spectacular. These terms immediately show the instructor that you are biased and in most cases, book reviews are supposed to only present the facts in an unbiased paper. When students love a particular book, they usually develop an emotional connection to some aspect of the text, which can make it challenging to stay unbiased and present the review clearly.

Stay Mindful of Your Word Choice

When you are ready to write the review, there are a few things to consider to keep your language clear and unbiased. The first thing you will need to do is stay acutely aware of every word you are writing. The second is to use less description that you would if you are able to present your honest opinion. Writing with less description can involve using fewer vivid verbs in your paragraphs. If you stick with linking verbs, you will be less likely to get overly excited about the events in your essay.

Only Describe Major Events

Another trick to keeping it unbiased is only write about the major events in the novel. If you go into too much detail, then it will be obvious that you know a lot about the book and that you could be quite biased. You instructor will be looking for a basic outline of what happens without giving away the ending or too many specific details. You want to prove you read the book, but not that you have read it eight times in the last three months.

Try to Find Something You Do Not Like

You can write about things that you think people might not like. Even if you think the entire book is outstanding, try to put yourself in someone else's shoes and find something that someone else might not like. By including the pros and cons, you are developing an unbiased review.